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Agricultural Loans

We pride ourselves on the fact that farmers and ranchers have always looked to us for loans. The pressure of volatile commodity prices and increasing costs of production, demand that we provide far more than just a place to provide loans. In times when careful management is critical to ensure success, Homestead Bank can provide the trustworthy guidance you need.

6 ways we can ensure your success

  • We’re farmers' bankers. Our lending team has background and experience with agricultural operations that produce almost every form of grain, as well as livestock operations that range from cattle and hogs, to chicken, turkeys and bees. This allows us to provide an experienced banker to talk over your operation, one who understands more than just the basics of your operation.
  • We’re knowledgeable bankers. Our Ag Bankers have a sound understanding of the newest technologies, marketing strategies and precision farming techniques. We can provide the necessary tools to help you analyze your cash flow or breakeven points.
  • We offer personal service. Our banking philosophy is about more than numbers. We pride ourselves in knowing and visiting your operation to learn what really makes it tick.
  • Local people make local decisions. Our lending team consists of bankers right here at home. We guarantee a timely loan decision. Faceless out-of-towners deciding your future are not an option.
  • We build long-term relationships. Agriculture is and always will be our mainstay. Through feast and famine we have weathered many storms with our customers, building relationships for the long haul.
  • We offer small bank flexibility. Bigger is not always better, especially in banking. Big banks can be rigid in their policies. Our bank policies are designed to accommodate our regions and allow our lenders to be flexible.

Types of Credit Available

  • Lines of Credit: Our credit lines can bridge the gap between cash inflow & outflow. 
  • Real Estate Purchases
  • Machinery & Livestock
  • Nebraska Energy Loans
  • FSA (Farm Service Agency) Loans

What You Need to Apply for a Loan

  • Current Financial Statement
  • Three prior years' Financial Statements
  • Projected cash flow
  • Three years of income and expense history, including tax returns, business ledgers etc.

Please feel free to contact us.